alright jojo fellas favorite stand and why

i wanna meet more jjba fans here on spacehey, so i want to know yalls favorite stand and why!! :3

i really like aerosmith and silver chariot, mostly because of their designs, but if i had to choose a stand by their power i would go with death 13, honestly if the user wasn't a baby they actually had a chance of winning imo.

but how about you guys??

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Hands down in my opinion it has to be Crazy Diamond and C-Moon.
Reasons for Crazy Diamond: The ability to repair damage by hitting things. Need I say more?

Reasons for C-Moon: Haha no gravity for you but also the design is very nice as well as the overall abilities

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my favorite stand is Pearl Jam. i personally am a big fan of food, but i dont exactly feel the best abt my body, so being able to make any kind of perfect healthy food would be amazing. plus, it can even make WATER taste heavenly, so imagine all the possibilities

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oh also Soft And Wet is a very close second. not to mention Heaven's Door, that stand would be SO useful i'd be the happiest guy alive if i had that stand

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