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feelings are such an odd thing? you know what i mean? sometimes i feel nothing, just nothing. not empty, not happy, not lonely, its like im just there. when im like this i usually never pay attention to life, its so weird? I wish i could find someone thats the same, everyone ive opened up to never understands or has not experienced this themself, thats probably why i always feel misunderstood? i hate when people make feelings a competition, or say that they 'understand you' then start talking about themselves. It would be better if you just told me you dont understand me yk? it feels odd sharing this, especially to random people but it makes me feel heard. i cant even open up to my parents, the people who've always claimed to be there for me my entire life. I guess thats just how it goes. sorry for the rant or vent, just thought i'd share incase anyone feels the same. message or reply if you do:) i'd love to talk to you guys and share life experiences together. truly a beautiful thing to do.

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