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story time!!

okay, so I have INCREDIBLY strict parents, right?? I can't even watch what I like on TV if my brothers don't like it. So anyway a few days ago when I get home from school my stepdad's like "our neighbors across the street want to talk to you." and I was like "...oooookay???" and I walked up the road to the house. I opened up the door and this lady opens it and starts talking to me casually, I think she assumed I already knew so I went "wait, what?" and then she explained to me that her and her husband were going out of town and they were wondering if I was willing to cat-sit. Well, hELL, YEAH! And at some point my mom came over and we were talking about how long they were gonna be gone, that the cats were really nice, etc. And tHEN, I hear them say this: "oh yeah, if she wants to come over for a few hours, hang with the cats, watch TV, we have every streaming service just watch whatever you want, what's your favorite snack?" And the minute they say that I stare at them like 0 _ 0

what did you say??

my favorite sNACK?!?!?!


so yeah if you need me I'll be at my neighbor's house petting their cats and watching LOTR.

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