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Just my bigQuestion

Why eveyrone on this Website have eatingdi sorder. Be normal. 

Just my questiob Ok. OIts my life

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gecko ☎︎ ✰︎

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WWHHHAATAT i havent seen any an im GLAD! got to stay away from that life for Real.

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Juli ☆ Rivera

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haven't met more than 2 maybe 4 people on this site with an ED just saying

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U donyt see what i see.... This is liek tjhe bratz movie where they wer e lIVING with the pixies And whem ytjey piut on the glasses theyw ere All around........

by rooBee :P; ; Report

Ik dawg maybe ur just surrounded by the wrong typa ppl

by Juli ☆ Rivera; ; Report

I am not surrounded by Anyone if u notice my profile. i haveNo friends.

by rooBee :P; ; Report