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plz read this before friending me or read this to know more about me :)

read this to know more abt me plz oh plz 💔

| I make alot of S’xual jokes, suic’dal jokes, and just weird jokes in general. If those make you uncomfortable, Please ask me to not, i want to be nice to everyone i meet 🕺🏻

| I use tonetags, alot. I also will tell you to kys or say “ima kms.” but i DO NOT MEAN IT !! please dont take those seriously!! :’)

| Once im comfortable, ill give you my discord :D (which would probably be the day of meeting you-)

| I use caps lock, Most of the time i am- If its annoying please ask me to stop.

| I also use !!! or ‼️‼️ alot! im always using emojis too 💪

| You may call me Sammy, Samuel, Daniel, Or danny!! 

| I say s-icidal stuff alot. e.g: “Im gonna bl0w my br41ns out!!” But i dont mean it, I know its triggering to some people, So please ask me not to if your not comfortable with it!

| Im dyslexic, Im using autocorrect for all this 😭

| I’ll most likely call you pookie, pooks, Bbg (babygirl or BEEBEEGEE), pookie bear, shmookie, or cupcake, I dont mean it at all lol, im not a creep 😭 (or am i..,/j)


Thats all about me, ty for reading

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Ruby˚₊‧꒰ა ☆ ໒꒱ ‧₊˚

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Hi! We have many things in common, can we be friends? :D

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Of course :3

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ASRA !!'s profile picture

so real ALSO we are the same age so we are no required to be friends >:)) /nf

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REMOVE THE NO LMAO i didn't see that earlier

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LMAOOOOO i deadass say the exact same shit. you seem so swag

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jsjsj u seem sosososo cool!! hope we can get to know each other! :D

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aw, now just reading ur profile, it says (have to be 17+), im 13 ;( but u still seem v cool and ill respect ur boundaries!! if u want ill unfriend you or you can unfriend me (if u want to ofc) !!

by !! lovejoy; ; Report

noooooooo lmaooooo i was thinking of deleting that anyways and adding a new one its okiiiii

by ramenluvr; ; Report

jsjs u sure?

by !! lovejoy; ; Report

yeppppppppp hehe

by ramenluvr; ; Report

Katsuki! / Danny Elfman's Loyal #1 Fan

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nice, i like that humor

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that type of humor >>>>

by !! lovejoy; ; Report

1001110 1000101 1001111

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Hello! I share the same humor as you, therefore we are obligated to become friends𓁹‿𓁹

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yayaya okay !!!!

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