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Do you just

Did u ever fall into a bad state one December and get addicted to the internet and ruin yourself with relationships and it takes almost years to get over it and now youre falling right back into that same hole again and you don't know what to do except try and find the people that filled that disgusting hole in ur heart or is that js me.

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ur not alone, there r a lot who also experience that

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Glad to know, such a horrible feeling for others to go through tho

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there are really times that it's like we're being drag away from happiness because of problems yet it might have something that will make us realize something about ourselves which would help us so much on character development.

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Yeah, it does get like that a lot sometimes so there's not really much I can do than try and get over it or get pasted it haha...

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ngl but we will just get used to it without realizing it immediately however we must try to love ourselves and be mindful to overcome it (lol saying this feel so weird because i cant even do this since im so insecure also can u pls try to answer my recent blog about insecurities because u also seem to struggle to yourself)

by Rin_128; ; Report

Of course! But thank you for your advice I appreciate it a lot

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