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gaming stuff :)


Gaming is one of the things i enjoy! I’m mostly on overwatch failing miserably :)

These are the characters and their roles that I like to play!!!  vvvvv

TANK- DVA and junker queen!

DPS- Tracer, soldier 76, sombra!


I swear mercy is so hard for me to play especially on controller ._. My fingers end up looking like they need a chiropractor. 

I wanna main tracer! I’m okay ish at her.. but I’m getting better. I used to only play Moira until I switched to dps, I play tank and support only if no one on the team wanted to be one XD 

If you play overwatch, who’s your main?

I bought the renegade runner skin on fortnite!! Also the new emote to the song love nwantiti. Probably my new fav. I lost my old acc so I had to start over 😭

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TANK- JQ, Sigma and Ramattra

DPS- Tracer, Soldier 76, Ashe and Cass

SUPPORT- Kiriko, Lucio, and Ana

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