i made sonic pride flags for pride month

i made so many of these. and for what. for nothing. thankless work. tireless hours, endless production, and for what? for your enjoyment? is this what i leave to the world? is this what my legacy will be?

i have no idea what category to put these in. i consider them art.

anyways here’s some pride flags with uh. sonic character on them. yep. i just made my sonic headcanons but like. funny. i guess. i made multiple for some characters because i am indecisive and also a genius. i will make more in the future. smile emoji :-)

and the final one for the day…

thank you for your time, and happy pride :-) !!

i will make more in the morning. it is past midnight and i have school tomorrow.

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✰♰ CyberCat...

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Me encanta!!!1!1!1!

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i love these i need these to be massive flags i can buy and have them put on my wall and show everyone my epic non binary swag!!

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