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I want to have an IRL guy friend (kinda sad post)

I'm really jealous of a lot of girls that are friends with guys. My entire life I think I've had, like, one guy acquaintance when I was 10 or something. In real life i'm not considered SUPER cute or anything so guys already don't like that; it's like it doesn't matter what your personality is like, if a guy doesn't find you attractive he isn't going to be nice. 

A bit ago, I was going through a kind of bad phase (episode, maybe? I feel like it was a little bit more serious than a phase) where I just, like, hated men. I couldn't trust them at all, I wanted nothing to do with them, it was kinda bad. But now that it's calming down, I just feel this sadness. I can count on my ten fingers the amount of boys my age that have been genuinely kind to me throughout my life. I feel like I'm missing out on so much just because I'm not a super pretty, super skinny girl. And It's not like I think that EVERY single teen boy is like that, but I lose hope every day. I go to a predominantly white, suburban school so boys here will make fun of you for anything. Girls are just so much nicer to me, even when they're "popular" (hate using that word), they still treat me with human decency.

I just wish guys would talk to me, and treat me like a human being; I don't want a relationship (they don't want one either), I just want to be able to be friendly with everyone without feeling so incredibly stupid and embarrassed for trying.

If anyone has had any successful friendships with boys, please tell me how. 

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