My gurt spillin out left an Rigbt someone pick it Up get some Buckets or soemtnin Jeez cant a guy leak gurt these days

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rooBee :P

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Seriously can u stop with this gurt talk its making me crazy

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Cant you just support your brother. i wil make it Big in this world and you will be sory

by gecko ☎︎ ✰︎; ; Report


by rooBee :P; ; Report

Well, i do this with The ladies

by gecko ☎︎ ✰︎; ; Report


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No you cant leak Gurts, or else I call my buddies up

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i dont mean to disrespect the Number One Muppet Bear but if by “Buddies” you mean Your Muppet friends then i will keep leaking gurt as i Please! youcant catch me!

by gecko ☎︎ ✰︎; ; Report

Miss Piggy will capture you and hold you for ransom, you will never see the light of day again when your gurts keep spilling out like that

by GrimMoth; ; Report

i like your style…Maybe for now i’ll hold in the Gurt but one day the world will see it…

by gecko ☎︎ ✰︎; ; Report

The world will never see your Gurts, be forewarned as a prophecy is in place

by GrimMoth; ; Report