I am honestly so sick of homophobes their so fucking stupid I’ve been verbally harassed 3 times in the past few weeks just for being a fucking human being and it’s only the start of pride month so yeah that’s going great I wasn’t even shoving the fact that I’m gay all in their face either and i can’t even do anything about it because I’m very weak and I have trouble expressing my feelings out loud and if I do I fuck it up!

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If I had to be honest, you gotta learn to roll with those punches. This is one once the sad things about humanity. Some people honestly don't care and will fully disrespect just because they don't agree with things you do, are and believe in. Those are the humans you don't want to waste your time with. Just don't let hatered fester and grow within you. If you do, you become the very thing you hate before you even realize it. Just keep being you. No matter what. Seriously. Fuck what people say about you. Stand up for yourself as well, but don't let what foolish fuck head humans say about you stick. Brush their words off and put them in their place.

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Thanks for the advice

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No biggie. Humans can suck I know... But always be true to yourself and that's worth fighting for.

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