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june 1, 2023 ┏(-_-)┛

today i didn't do a lot but i would say i still had fun. i spent most of the day expiremnting and improving my profile. you don't realize ow time consuming it can be until you just start adding everything you think looks cool. i went on a walk with my dog and i would say that its some thing quite enjoyable. even though its hot and i get all sweaty its nice to get out of the house and spend time with my dog. 

when i came on here today i wasn't even expecting to get any friends or anything but now i have like 6 and its kinda cool. i might start making the blogs private though. i get kinda nervy posting stuff online and the thought of not having a lot of people seeing my stuff makes me feel better but at the same time its nice to think about people reading and liking what i write. although i don't think i write anything very interesting. but i kinda like to think of it as like a public diary.

some fun notes from the day:

-watching my dog get scared by a lamb statue

-waking up to sausage McMuffin from my mom

-my mom ordered my dog a new leash and im excited to walk her with it

-my mom got the pickles i wanted yeserday

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