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Are you a bored teenager/adult with nothing to do? Friends cancelled your plans to meet up again? Don't have any friends to go out with to begin with? Well, fear no longer! 

Pull out your lap top, click that sexy power on button, and check out this collection of websites ive discovered over the last 6 months, and never be bored again!

#1: - Wanna find out the meanings to your favourite songs? Wanna watch a bunch of people get pissed off because some guy from Turkey called their favourite singer gay? WELL THIS IS THE WEBSITE FOR YOU! MUSIC FANS, TRY THIS WEBSITE OUT!

#2: - Are you bored of rewatching the same movies over and over again? Well why not mix it up a bit! Sudomemo is a website where people post their own short animations. Its a great way to have a quick laugh and it has such a cool community.

#3: - Whether you skate, or just like watching skate videos, you should check out this website. Everybody knows thrasher, but that doesn't mean its not still cool, and I could honestly spend hours watching the videos on here.

#4: - Another cool community of completely anonymous people interacting with the most funny conversations you'll see on the internet. This is a great place to feel part of a community without having to face your insecurities.

#5: - A much quieter website, but a great one if you ever need to just calm down or have a reality check. It will only take a few minutes but leave you relaxed for hours.

#6: - Another one for all you music fans, when I first found this simple website, I spent 2 whole hours on it. Its a great way to find new music and go hunting for you favourite bands. It takes you through so many crazy genres and all you have to do is click to hear a quick snippet.

That concludes the list and our journey, I highlighted some key words so you don't have to use your brains to read too much, I know that half you guys cant read.

red: Video/movie related

light blue: relaxing

dark blue: musical

green: communities

Check out whichever websites appeal to you and let me know what your favourites are in my replies!

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