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My Thoughts on the Silent Hill 3 Monsters

I wasn't sure what i wanted my first blog entry to be, so i said "guess i'm dumping my own random thoughts loll", so here we go!

(all images sourced from silent hill memories because it's a cool site lol)


A closer from silent hill 3

Technically the first enemy you encounter since they're in the nightmare, tho i usually think of the numb bodies as the first. They appear in basically every area, so it's kinda hard to forget about them.


Personally i usually run away from these guys lol, they're pretty slow and not worth wasting ammo on.

Most effective weapon(s): Shotgun, SMG

Least effective weapon(s): Knife, Stun Gun


I think most of the enemies in this game can mean multiple things depending on what angle you're looking at it from. What strikes me about these guys is that they've got typically "feminine" attributes (like the clothing that looks a bit like what Alessa wears in sh1, tho the skirt and lower legs could also be seen as similar to heather's outfit?) that's easy to overlook because of how it towers over you. I've seen lots of people point out the punching bag-like nature of its big "arms", too. I think it makes a lot of sense that they could be a symbol of Alessa's memories of abuse from her mother, considering you can even find a drawing she made of a closer iirc.

Numb Body

a numb body from silent hill 3

These guys are basically everywhere too, they're just little guys lol


I usually use a melee weapon on these guys, they're pretty easy to take down and it's better to save the ammo. Sometimes I might use the handgun if I'm in a really bad spot tho, I guess.

Most effective weapon(s): Basically all of them lol

Least effective weapon(s): Knife, Maul


Tbh, when i first played, I wasn't really sure what to make of these guys. They're just silly little creatures lol. However, when i was talking about it with a friend recently, they pointed out these guys kinda look like weird sperm with legs lol, and considering the themes of pregnancy and stuff it does sorta make sense? Idk

Double Head

a double head from silent hill 3

funky doggies, because no silent hill game is complete without weird dog-adjacent creatures lol


sometimes I try to distract them with beef jerky, but i'm still pretty bad at using it. So, Usually I'll either run away or shoot them before they can get too close.

Most effective weapon(s): All firearms, Stun Gun

Least effective weapon(s): Knife, Maul


As with the dogs in the first game, these probably represent Alessa's fear of dogs. However, it's interesting to me that they also have a very burnt and bandaged appearance similar to how Alessa herself probably looked after the fire. Not sure if that means anything tho. Maybe connected to the cooked dog heather encounters early on?


a pendulum from silent hill 3

annoying little guys that sometimes can fly. They suck >:(


I always just run away, these guys are a pain in the butt and I'm still not sure the best way to deal with them.

Most effective weapon(s): Shotgun, SMG

Least effective weapon(s): Literally everything else


I'm not sure what to make of these tbh, they seem pretty abstract. Maybe there's something I missed.

Insane Cancer

an insane cancer from silent hill 3

Guys who don't like staying dead very much, and are very good at getting in the way.


If I can avoid them or go around them, I will. Otherwise, a few good shotgun hits does the trick.

Most effective weapon(s): Shotgun, SMG

Least effective weapon(s): Knife, Handgun, Pipe


I get the impression these guys are either related to body image issues, or a more direct tie to the pregnancy themes with the idea of something unwanted, growing inside like a tumour or cancer. It could also be that heather has a more literal fear of cancer, since we know she used to smoke but stopped. Maybe it's a mix of these things, like I said there ain't one right answer


a slurper from silent hill 3

OH MY GOD these guys are the bane of my existence, i think they're a great design and stuff but I HATE THEMMM


RUN AWAY. Or, shoot them until you're sure they're dead. Using melee basically never works on these guys, and they like to play dead so you gotta be careful. Also they're really good at tripping you, which is a major pain. I guess you can also try being stealthy by turning off your flashlight? I can't remember if they like beef jerky, but that would also help if so.

Most effective weapon(s): Shotgun, SMG

Least effective weapon(s): Most other things (the handgun is decent tho)


I've always seen these guys as being a symbol for creeps, with some icky sexual undertones considering their weird heads, and tendency to knock heather over and try to get on her to attack. Plus the way they're dressed, and their deceptive nature of sneak attacking and playing dead.


a nurse from silent hill 3

another silent hill series staple. The ones with guns are a pain in the butt lol


I think I usually shoot them, but i can't remember as well for some reason. Maybe I usually run away as well or something? It might be just because they don't show up as much.

Most effective weapon(s): Shotgun, SMG

Least effective weapon(s): Knife, Pipe, Stun Gun


I assume they're related to Alessa's memories of her time in the hospital, and maybe of Lisa Garland specifically. They're all the most human-looking monsters in this game (and i'd say, more human-looking than the nurses from other games) which is kinda interesting. I do gotta say though, heather, girl, why are your nurses out here with obviously cleavage revealing outfits as opposed to something more like... a normal nurse outfit?


anyway lol moving on


a scraper from silent hill 3

Basically a weaker version of a boss from earlier in the game. Still a pain tho


I don't like dealing with these guys so I try to run away, but apparently the shotgun is pretty good at taking them down.

Most effective weapon(s): Shotgun, SMG

Least effective weapon(s): Basically all melee weapons (aside from stun gun)


I feel like these guys are meant to be twisted representations of the Order's members, considering the Missionary boss also looks like this and was apparently sent by Claudia.

That's all the regular monsters (unless I missed any oops)! I might do another one for specifically the bosses but this was getting a bit long lol

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silent hill 3 is my fav game ever

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oops i thought i replied to you but apparently I didn't lol??

Anyway Silent Hill 3 is one of my all-time favourites too, cool to see other sh3 enjoyers out there :D

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