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June-Induced Rambling

Second off, I was thinking for pride month about maybe posting about some of my experiences as a bi trans person. Maybe. I am very private about my personal life because idk I don't even tell most of my friends about this stuff let alone strangers.

Well anyways you know, I kinda just wanted to be stealth on here. But then there was that xbox dude who got banned for being bigoted and constantly decrying that god only made men and women and how wearing certain styles of fabric will lead to damnation, and then I saw some other person on here use the t-slur and I mean I reported it and the post got deleted, and you know on a positive level there's a lot of younger trans people on here so well I guess I'll LARP as a cis man some other day because, perhaps, what I have to talk about could actually mean something to someone, potentially.

I just feel like it could be valuable to share my experiences. Obviously I'm not anyone special, I'm no elder or anything, I'm not active in any scenes and only go to pride some years. But, eh, I'm an adult who's been on HRT for years, I've been on different forms of HRT for years and they both were different experiences, my identity has changed like 20 times and I had no people I could relate to about any of them because they were all obscure and "contradictory" and were "discourse" topics rather than just... the way I genuinely felt about myself.

And the thing is, I felt really alone with a lot of that. Because no one else seemed to feel the way I did. And I'd like to imagine that if I talked about that, maybe some lurker like me is out there and will read it and feel less alone? Or, more likely, people will just learn that people like me are real?

I was also thinking of researching the history of phalloplasty and writing an essay about that, because man people are really weird about it and act like its so new and experimental when the first trans phalloplasty was done in 1946, not even taking into account that it was first developed during the reconstructive treatment of WWI veterans. But that may become too NSFW for here? I mean it'd be no worse than what I had read in my health textbook when I was 13, but, eh. We'll see how it pans out. Not like I'd include actual dick pics in there.

Anyways, I woke up to an interesting thing today. Last night after I got sick from eating hot chocolate powder out of a keurig cup I reposted a TikTok of a baby horse shoe crab to my tumblr with 24 followers and I woke up and it has ~5k notes, so, yay. I think its really funny, especially because my tumblr is full of absolute horseshit posts that consistently get 0 notes. I really am amused by picturing people opening my blog thinking they'll find more cute animal vids and then its just Gollum Breeding Halls and thirsting over old men. I've been writing this for way too long so I'm just gonna hit post and move on.

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I think sharing whatever you're comfortable with is a great idea, as someone who generally hasn't cared much about pronouns, fluctuated a ton on identity stuff, and has the general outward appearance of some terrifying eldritch creature that could snap someone in two that constantly blurs the line between male and female, I think it can be a great idea to just have an area that normalizes a lot of possibly pestering internal dialogues when it comes to indentity.

Also trans rights are human rights, but it's good to convey that these kind of things are akin to allowing children to write left-handed in schools. The amount of people that then identify as left-handed shoots up compared to how things used to be, but it's because they weren't allowed to do so, or thought that was simply a thing nobody could actually do, not because there's some craze among children that writing left-handed is cool now. Actual people that pressure others into being trans are extremely rare, and I've only seen a true documented case of it firsthand *once*

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