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The 420 Report for June; Runtz Cake!

So this stuff creeps, just so ya know...  X)

This month we have Runtz Cake, a 50/50 hybrid, which by now you should know is my fave. Love they hybrids! This looks pretty decent, a light green with the orange hairs, the buds I got are on the small side but the twigs are tiny, I'm not buying wood anyway. The Plug told me it's on the dry side, she was trying to re-hydrate it.

It smells very nice, a little spicy, a little fruity, a tang of sourness. I found it easier to grind, prolly because of the dryness. Loaded it into glass as usual for a clean first hit.

That sourness is there but in a pleasant way, I'm not getting much fruit or berry, more hay, really. The dryness is evident in the smoke too, more harsh than it could be. Still within tolerances, of course. :)

As mentioned above, it creeps up on ya. (Heehee!) Not super strong but you know it's there. Getting a little body buzz too, not too much. It's a calm sort of high, for me anyway, like the hush you get when the snow is falling straight down in those big flakes. Makes me want to listen closely to things. Nifty XD

So yeah, Highly Recommended! Oh! And also news! :D

I was talking with Plug about the law being passed to legalize and wondered if there would be a dispensary in town.

She says her and her SO want to open one! :D

That would be so cool, she's a great gal and knows her stuff, I'd be a loyal customer! I do hope that comes to pass! :D

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