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Has anyone else started OBSESSING with the whole creepypasta fandom from a young age? The first time I've ever heard about them was at about 6 years old and I've been OBSESSED since then!

All I've ever wanted was to get kidnapped by Ben drowned and live in the slender mansion forever and ever!!!

I've written a book about all of the creepypastas AND redrawn all of the 10 drawings that showed slenderman in them (you guys know what I'm talking about) I've been watching these two documentaries/films about slenderman and I'm so pissed at the fact that they haven't researched and documented on the whole creepypasta fandom enough! all they are talking about is slenderman and the slender mansion, what about his story or all of the other people in it?!?!

 anyway, my favourite creepypastas are Jeff, BEN DROWNED !!! , ej and Nina! 

(also, I don't know why everyone started drawing Nina differently...I loved her old look!) Also, I KNOW that Creepypasta doesn't seem like my style at all but trust me, I'm OBSESSED! I have a separate account that is more scene based and I post about creepypasta on there more often!!  by the way, if you like creepypasta DEFFO ADD ME! i love talking about them!



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I love creepypasta too and I agree that not enough people are talking about different creepypastas besides slenderman!!! ive also been obsessed from a young age and I love all the creepypastas sm, id have to say that jane, nina, and toby are my favorites!

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