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what is going on😭

i keep seeing ppl talk abt how theres 13yr old proshippers on here.... like wtf r u doing.... leave.... find a hobby.... anything but proship.... do u even know what that means?? 

also apparently theres a pedo on here w the username emoxdaddy and that is the fucking funniest username ive ever heard

it sounds like a username that would be in a bakugo x y/n asmr video LMAAOOO

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what is a proshipper

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13 yr old PROSHIPPERS??!!DYJGDJ do they even know. like. what theyre. doing,/m.mvjm??? AND EMOXDADDY? username is fr. person w/ the user is NAWT

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I just joined a few days ago so I haven’t rlly seen anything but what is a pro ship?

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its like ppl that support illegal dating things but with fictional characters
like they ship siblings together or shipping a minor and a like 27yr old guy

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oop- they gotta go

by Kyra<3; ; Report

'•.¸♡ Kesha Kittyn ♡¸.•'

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yeah like wth go be proshippers somewhere else jeez >:d Also yes emoxdaddy is a pretty hilarious name xp

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