Fist Fight

just finished watching fist fight, specifically because charlie day is in it and holy mackerel my socks have been blown halfway round the world.

i was going into this movie not expecting much, i didn’t even look at the synopsis. i was way surprised when uhm. shit happened!! it was a pleasant surprise, though. this movie is genuinely really fucking funny and entertaining, it kept my attention the entire time and i was fully invested.

ok so this movie is about an english high school teacher, and it takes place during the last day before summer break. senior pranks have reached their peak so far, genuine batshit!! theyve got a drugged up horse running around and everything. so with allat happening, mista campbell is just trying to get thru the day, but!!! the schools maniac teacher, mista strickland, interacts with campbell and it just keeps going downhill from here. so like stuff happens and maniac guy goes ham and destroys a student’s desk with a fire axe! 

yada yada campbell snitches on strickland, and strickland ends up losing his job. and like he is PISSED, he is seething, and because this guy is so level headed he challenges campbell to a FIST FIGHT after school, mr pussy coward campbell is challenged to an ass whooping. eventually this shit makes it all over, fuckers in taiwan are clowning on campbell for his 911 call for help.

shit happens, teachers are pranked, and campbell is losing his mind. he is mad bro. im gonna stop here cause i dont wanna spoil the whole thing but jeeez this movie was a fucking ride. so much more than what i was expecting. the talent show scene and the actual fight, AOOUGH i kept rewinding i just could not get enough. jesus christ im gonna be thinking about this all week. 

hi guys im so normal.

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