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Sizzle season!!

The new Splatoon 3 season is here!

Has anyone played any of it yet?? I played a little bit with my friend.
The new Paintbrush is ummm, something else.... it'll be a nightmare once people get good at playing it, no?

I didn't really play any of the new weapons, none of them appealed to me. Did anyone truly want another Big Swig??? I didn't. It was added last season anyway... I want a new Sloshing Machine...

BTW, Splatoon + ska = awesome. And Yoko is awesome. And I like the new mall map a lot, even if it's another kinda Tetris-shaped one. :P

Otherwise, I've been reading Oreimo... fan-translations of the light novels, it's pretty funny, just the way it's written. I have kinda trashy taste. I started watching Bakemonogatari too, but I haven't gotten very far in yet... isn't the Monogatari anime series based off light novels too?

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