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chimken samdwich

yes, if you read the name of this blog you know exactly what i am about to talk about. i had a chicken sandwich so immaculate i straight up came to write about it the moment i finished it. the chicken was perfectly cooked and crispy with a BANGING amount of spice.. it had the most splendid kick to it to the point i almost unbuckled my seatbelt, jumped out the car, ran back to chic-fil-a and kissed the worker who made my sandwich so passionately on the lips. the sandwich was sooooo good and the pickles on it were JUST the right amount of juiciness. i ate what is literally the ryan reynolds of chicken sandwiches - beautiful, absolutely perfect, and if it offered me 20 bucks maybe heterosexuality could waver a little bit.. 

smash. no questions.

update: i am no longer in ownership of a working toilet.


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