Lost in the cloud

Has anyone else here read the webcomic lost in the cloud? It's a crazzyyy ride and I can't seem to find people who have read it! It's super good and I was surprised I actually liked it considering I tend to steer away from web comics.

I read it in November and I remember how quick I was immediately after to chat about it with my friends the story had me in actual shambles. 

Def rec reading the triggers for it though, because it can for sure be tough to sit through at times, but the author does a pretty good job at not glossing over these parts and making them actually necessary to or adding onto the story imo.

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Frr, the plot is really good and the pacing is just fine, it doesn't feel rushed nor slow. The MCs are both likeable and I love their complexity!!

Also, it seems like it's hinted that Minwoo is coming back, right? I wonder what would happen if he does, poor Skylar can't get a rest.

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if he does I'll be mortified just bc I hated his behavior but I think it'll add a lot to the plot, and I'd love to see how it'll be if cirrus ended up finding out or if skylars other new friends got involved. Hopefully they'd be angry at Minwoo and not him

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Totally agree! I hate Minwoo sm but I also see a lot of potential on reintroducing him to the plot. It would be really nice if Skylar could somewhat confront him and finally heal from his past trauma. However I think that's just wishful thinking —or at least it will take a long time and until then we'll be getting tons of angst.

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