Why Ultimate Spider-Man Is My Favorite Comic

Ultimate Spider-Man is a superhero comic book series that was published by Marvel Comics from 2000 to 2011. The series is a modernized re-imagining of Marvel's long-running Spider-Man comic book franchise as part of the company's Ultimate Marvel imprint. Ultimate Spider-Man exists alongside other revamped Marvel characters in Ultimate Marvel titles including Ultimate X-MenUltimate Fantastic Four and The Ultimates.

Its Impact 

Ultimate Spider-Man was a book the comic industry desperately needed in 2000. Marvel was still regrouping from a brush with bankruptcy. Readers had fled in droves during the market crash of the '90s. Those who attempted to get back in the game found too many mainstream superhero books to be convoluted and inapproachable.

The Impact On Me

Ultimate Spider-Man was a comic I really needed during a time time in my life when i was suffering an intense confidence low as i was going in to the 6th grade and had gotten a new haircut I felt strange and weak because tomorrow was a back to school night of sort. I had just gotten a new comic from a house my mom had to clean out and she got to keep all the books they had. One of those books was Ultimate Spider-Man issue 1, I had never seen such a long emotionally driven beginning to a comic book series. It wasn't like the old books i'd read in the past this one had realistic teenage angst and emotion. This story came to me in a very important transitional period in my life and really spoke to me. It gave me the confidence boost i desperately needed and showed me change isn't a thing to be afraid of. And sure its not a classic like the Dark Phoenix Saga or The Long Halloween but It still will always be my favorite comic of all time.

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