Some more poetry - paper, by me


“See this paper?”

Mrs. Woodworth says

Sitting in front of my grade 4 class

She held out a piece of lined paper 

She crumpled the paper up

Said something a long the lines of

Imagine the paper is a person

This is what happens when you say something hurtful to them

She unwrinkled the paper

Tried to smooth it out a little

“This is what happens when you fix that mistake”

“See, it’s not all wrinkled up anymore but it still had creases from when it happened”

And no matter how hard you try

You can’t get the creases out

That always stuck with me

Even to this day

I’ve been thinking about it a lot these days

And if I’m a piece of paper

I’m pretty damn wrinkled 

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this is so great!!

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