hi! first blog on spacehey, i just wanted to show off my art. :3

i finished this piece a while ago, its of my oc arbor erikson. hes a bit silly (mentally ill) but i love him.

also i have no idea how to use spacehey, i just thought it'd be cool to post smth and see what happens. thats all! bye :3

- lazy

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very SWAG art dude B), ur unironically so good at human faces!!!!

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thank you!!! <3 humans r the only thing i draw

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omg i love him n i love ur art ,

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tysm!! hes one of my favorite ocs rn :D

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Neat art man, I like the hat they got on. Also, what kind of gun did you model the one they’re holding off? Looks like maybe a modded AK or reg sniper rifle, if I had to guess.

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im not too sure what gun hes holding, i just looked up a reference on pinterest LOL. i was trying to find something similar to a sniper rifle though, i might give him a specific gun model whenever i decide to actually draw his reference sheet. :)

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also thank you for the compliments! :D

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Oh Neato! Hey, depending on his structure and height, it might be safer of a bet to go with simpler, maybe even bigger models with stands, FYI. Basically if he’s a big guy he’s going to need a big gun and not like, a smg or super skinny rifle. What you have here is really great! Keep up the good work.

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hes not that big of a guy, only around 5'10. though i have another oc whos around 6'3 and larger in size than arbor, so i could give him a bigger gun! thanks for the advice. :)

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