about me thing i saw

name:: Shadow

nickname:: don't have one

zodiac sign:: Cancer

current location:: bedroom

eye color:: blue (throws up)

hair color:: brown

hair type:: like 2c almost

height:: 4'11

your heritage:: white people idk. british

what's your middle name:: not telling you that

shoe's you wore today:: my normal tennis shoes

-- F A V O R I T E S --

shoes:: demonia

drink:: water

place:: record stores

song:: for true story or mchngrl vs wlfgrl

movie:: parasite or skinamarink

moment:: birth of sister

color:: vibrant deep blue (bsod blue)

meal:: sausage rolls

I N  A  G I R L/G U Y

favorite eye color:: black bur no real preference

favorite hair color:: no preference

short or long hair:: long but no real preference

height:: no preference

body type:: no preference

does ethnicity matter:: no

piercings:: no preference

tattoos:: no preference

-- B E D  S I D E  M A N O R --

do you think you are attractive:: yes

are you attracted to someone who does not know it:: yes

would you like to be someones fantasy:: no

do you kiss with your eyes closed or open:: open. have to be ready for attacks

older or younger:: won't do younger, older i guess

do you like to cuddle in general:: no

-- R I G H T  N O W --

what is todays date:: may 31st

who are you thinking of:: myself

what are you listening to:: nothing but i have my headphones on as if i am. for no reason

do you love someone:: yes

does someone love you:: yes

is it raining:: no

are you happy:: i probably could be if i gave it my all but eh

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