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will i start a blog? 23-05-31

i think i have decied that i will start blogging about my day maybe

it would be fun, like an internet diary where i can tell people things but i don't have to worry about them not being interested or my phrasing and stuff (typing is way easier for me to communicate in sometimes)

i'm just not sure if it would start to stress me out ever but also if it did i can just quit right away, no regrets and no consequences!!ヽ( `д´ )ノ

i touched on this in my self intro post, but i really wanna post photos i take with my sony mavica but i just need to figure out how to get images into here

also, someone that i am friends with (in the sense that i sent them a friend request and they accepted it, we've only had 2 interactions) posts blogs about their day and titles them as the date written in numbers and i think that looks really cool so if i do end up doing daily blogs i will steal that idea (^_<)

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