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What is your opinion on AI?

What is your opinion on AI? 

It certainly seems to have exploded in popularity the last few months - what do you think are the positives and the concerns of it? 

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I have so many thoughts that one of these days I gotta write an entire essay and put it into a blog post because there's just So Much that I have on my mind regarding this.

I guess the general feeling I have is that I'm just fascinated by how much AI could improve human life and how it's just... NOT being used to do that? Every company just wants to use it to replace humans so they don't have to worry about topics such as "workers rights" and "paying for labor." But I feel like a lot of people see that and think that AI itself is the issue rather than, like, capitalism. AI is an incredibly helpful tool but people just get so weird about it whether they're for or against it.

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