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More about me So my damn profile isnt so messy

Hi I'm Martina but you can call me Marti if you want. She/her/whatever you want because idrc and I go any which way, I don't really have a permanent label on my identity or sexuality because I feel that its too limiting to define myself while I'm still learning who I am and growing yk? Uh I took that mbti test thingy because I saw it on other people's profiles and I got INTJ? I'm not too sure what that entails but I hope its good :) Anyways I'm from SWFL but I was raised in Boston and various parts of New England. My hobbies are kinda skewed all over the place, I used to do BMX a lot, I love art and I am an avid oil painter, I also love to write regardless of being terrible at it, I love going out and exploring places whether they're abandoned or I'm just going downtown, I also play the piano, bass and guitar. I'm all about music so much so I'd say it influences a majority of my personality probably to an unhealthy point and uh idk what else to add. welp. this is gonna be a work in progress anyways :/


basic info:

Age- 17

birthday- 03/24/06

if you want my number just ask :)

Ethnicity/heritage: Dad-Brazillian, Azorean, Cabo Verdean Mom-European or sum shit idk her but she PALE AS FUCK like me ;-;, the printer ran outta ink 


pretty stupid ngl

Things I collect: 



- jars and bottles  

-Can tabs and bottle caps 



-street signs


-letters, I love receiving them as a gift 

-shoes.... its a problem I need to stop buying them. 

and wayyyy more I cant think of off the top of my head  


-chronically avoiding people


-studying. too much. way too much. 


-caring for my plants

-playing the piano and singing (terribly but its comical) 

-Bug pinning/Entomology (all sustainable and humane!) 

-being on this god forsaken site


-and more that I'm too lazy to list off rn 

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Justin Wicker

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"Hobbies: -chronically avoiding people"

I felt that. I really felt that. lmao.

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