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boarding school changed my perception of being a girl

So I go to an all girl boarding school that is ig kinda big and prestigious. What I learned so far is that I've mentally thrived and improved being in a group of supportive and ambitious young girls my age. Even though my grades are the same level with my elementary grades I feel a sense of satisfaction even though the competition is higher. I do sure get pressured but meeting these kind faces everyday give a sense of relief. I really don't like the seniors but like they don't really matter. Seniority can suck ass.  Also I've realised that being nice is what makes you pretty. I now like waving and saying hi to all of my batchmates with the biggest smile I can give. To be honest I have no idea what I would be like if I were to go to a daily school with boys. My friend that goes to a daily mixed school says that there are even nudes being spread  by the kids from the special religious class and I'm like wtf??? Not to mention the crush, dating and situationship drama that never ends. Yeah I know that girl school's and boy school's can interact online but atleast it's not as bad lmaoo. Anyways I love being a girl <33

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