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socializing is hard :( 

sometimes people look at my weird when i interact with them and i dont know why, and like sometimes ill be talking with someone and ill ask them a question and they look at me but don't answer 

makes me wonder hmmm maybe all those years trying to learn about how other people talk with each other havent helped i should do more reasearch wooop woop

i have to study 4 biology bye

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joshua black

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socializing if very hard, i dont really understand it myself sometimes
i wish people would accept that everyone is different and treat everyone equally but unfortunately thats not how the world or society works
if youre looking for someone to talk to, feel free to add me here on spacehey and ill gladly have a conversation with you!
if not good luck with your future interactions and have fun with biology :D

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thank you 4 the comment :3

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of course :D

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