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may 30 2023


so i rediscovered spacehey from a rlly hot emo baddie on instagram and thought "hey how tf do i do that" so i did it. i also tried to upload one of those cool layouts w skulls but the issue is that it hasnt loaded yet (hopefully it does????) i want my page to look pretty lmfaaoooa. well im rlly glad im one here now bc i had an awkward tradgoth phase during the summer (no offense towards tradgoths y'all are badass) but i didn't feel my true genuine self in that style. now im kinda discovering my interests further and realized that emo the only true option in my heart :D (ily gerard and vic and oli) i've always had the fire music taste but now it all boils down to if my wallet can afford hot topic camis and tripp pants...

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