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Play Fighting

Life (through a wolves eye)

I know my bite is dangerous and I can over-do it when play fighting sometimes so I don't really play anymore.

Watching others my age when I was younger and having to sit out because I'm a wolf pup does something to you. I had made friends with a Fairy girl once but this Banshee girl would scream at me and ended up replacing me.

Things didn't change in middle school either I bounced from friend group to friend group but eventually I found a group that was made up of another wolf like me and two elves. Having another person like me was fun we rough housed every now and again but after getting scolded one too many times we stopped.

When I got to high school I actually kept in contact with a ghoul person and may have had a thing for them. They let me rough house with them too and it was so much fun until I accidentally nipped at them which cause a small tear in our friendship and then COVID which created a whole ravine between us, we don't talk anymore.

I've kept my claws and teeth to myself now-a-days but the urge to play is still there. I'm just really touchy now a pat here and hug there but I want to throw my friends around and have them fight back. I want them to get a good hit in and bruise me so I can brag about how strong they are or how they were able to land it. I want to here laughter when they get tackled and picked up and not be scared i'm going to hurt them.

Does anyone else feel this way or am I weird? My mom doesn't roughhouse with anyone so I thought I'd grow out of this but I feel like I won't. One of my friends actually think it's tied to the way I show love. We like taking those stupid 'whats your love langue?' tests and mine is physical touch and quality time so I guess it makes sense.

Someone please trust me that I won't hurt you to bad a couple scuffs and bangs aren't permanent.

Just a silly writing that's kinda true but make it more fantastical.
-A pup at heart

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