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please read this

i wish children and teens on here *including me* should be more aware of pedo/hebe/ephebophiles; ive seen a lot of children post a lot of personal information about themselves here. (ex. k*nks, hypers*xuality, mental disorders/disabilities, triggers, exact locations, ur life in the past, full name) plz  do not share information like that cuz creepy adults can easily manipulate u that way and can track u down and might find u! this is y we need to teach internet safety in schools becuz ive been sent creepy ims from grown women and men saying overly s*xual stuff about me since i was about 11.

plz just tell a trusted adult about ur creepy messages and report them to whoever runs these chatrooms.

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milica <3

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that's what am i saying
and that misinformation spreads among young teens and older teens very quickly by thinking that telling everything about yourself on the internet is the "trend" which, infact, isn't.

so yeah, even if some of them may know it's dangerous, they still do it because other's do it, the effect of "everyone does it, so why shouldn't i?"

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and to add more to it, even young adults (that just turned 18, 19 or 20 years) can be in a really fucked up situation because of this

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