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blog #3.5 (I have more things to talk about)

Forgetful wolf

Hiya I remembered some things I wanted to just speak about and that is my writing! I only write for fun so anything that I ever post is for jokes and isn't meant to be taken seriously. On to the actual point of this blog I wanted to say I have a Wattpad account because I feel like that is the least serious writing area to post on so yea. I have only ever posted one fic and that is a soulmate au between me and an ex-friend and now its between me and basically a fake person who is similar to another friend who offered to be the replacement. I kind of use the fic as a release kinda of because I love certain tropes or love the idea of somethings so these characters aren't really us but more of a catalyst of the fluff I want to read. Did I mention they're gay? They are both women because I myself don't find gender an issue with dating.

I actually kind of hate labels but I say I'm bi just so people don't get fussy (from past experience it's just the safer to say). Oh but on the topic of my identity I haven't experienced must homophobia well that's a lie but nothing major. I remember when I told my best friend at the time (we were all fruity btw) that I'm into both guys and girls she said and I quote "No you're our straight ally'. My high school group also had some random boy walk up to us and just shouted gay before walking off. There was also the time some random boys barked at me which was strange because I just started laughing and walked away.

Back to my gay friend-fiction some of the things I write in those little aus really gets me going like misunderstandings, obliviousness, and just fluff is so nice. I actually find it kind of sad that most of the WLW things i've seen seem kinda of fetish-y? if you get what I mean. I tried reading a WLW book but the plots always seem shallow, like one was somehow more about the brother than the actually main character or its just a threesome said to be gay. Anyone got any good rec's I'll take anything just as long as it isn't weird and is actually a good read/watch.

I like being able to project into these randoms one shots I make and not have a weird turn in the stories. Unfortunately I like to speed through things and most of the one-shots aren't fleshed out at all or speedup really fast so if my writing ever improves its solely because I wanted to read something at a higher literary level. Most the soulmate aus are chopped into two parts and then I move onto the next because I get a lot of ideas for story lines and want to do them NOW. 

Please give me WLW things to watch or read that aren't weird or fetish-y

-sincerely a very love starved werewolf

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