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Made a ""Time Machine""

hallo gais
am blooging from da year 2003!!!11!!
cant wait 4 RE4 :DDDDDDD

in all seriousness, I decided to make a virtual machine that's basically a "What If" in the way of "What if I was the age that I am now in the mid to late 2000s and had a WinXP machine?" So far, I got an Umbrella Corp. theme and I'm using Mypal as my browser since it's worked well in the past and it has a raccoon for its icon which is very fitting with the Umbrella Corp theme. I'd do more with it but I think I'll leave it with installing CS 1.6 on this thing and go to bed since I have work in the morning and it's nearing 30 minutes after midnight in my timezone as I am writing this so until then, suggest some banger WinAmp skins in the comments.

Winamp skin with a cool video

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