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Waiting for Rain

Risk of Rain... An indie rogue-like released all the way back in 2013, an entire decade ago... To think, I played the game on release... My memories of it are resplendent, blinding in their brightness, and eye-opening in their clarity... Yes, I have always held a soft spot in my bitter heart for this game... I would play it with friends online for hours, and struggle desperately in vain attempts to unlock characters and items... Nowadays, I find that my skill in video games is completely and utterly limitless, and few games can challenge me to the extent that Risk of Rain used to... It is a shame then, that the sequel, which obtained such acclaim from both fans and critics alike, failed to capture me in the same way... However, to my great surprise, a remake was recently announced, promising updated graphics, new items and abilities, and a significantly improved multiplayer experience! Attempting to connect with friends used to require the use of Port Forwarding via Hamachi... If you haven't heard of such things, I wouldn't blame you... Port Forwarding was a dark and secretive technique used only by the most desperate of gamers when attempting to play with friends, and almost always resulted in failure, and the waste of roughly thirty minutes... I am filled with boundless elation and tense anticipation as I await the release of Risk of Rain Returns...

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