Graghhh i have no where to really ramble about this but im super happy nonetheless.... 

I made a bunch of silly doodles today since i was accepting art requests and i got approached by some small youtubers to be one of the artists to make thumbnails for their podcasts... we were all in vc talking and i straight up had NO clue what they were talking about for a good chunk of it but apparently my pay will be ONE BIG MAC every month which i personally think is pretty fair since honestly i appreciate any payment for my art since i dont exactly think it is worth much. I just be drawing.. nothing exceptional so the fact im getting paid in any way is a blessing.

I really hope they go through with the podcast so i can draw for them since the team definitely seemed nice!!! there were a good bit of strangers but im excited to work with them nonetheless.. GETTIN PAID TO BE SILLY GRAHHH!!!! Hopefully by tomorrow i'll be hearing more back about it? had to hold myself together that entire call because i was so excited and goofy i didnt wanna scare them off. if they saw how energetic i was they would've been so confused smh..

a good artist actually messaged me too and wanted to do an art trade so im just jfijfaifjariofjaiofjaorifjaeiofjaorifa im literally bouncing off the walls with happiness im so goofy,,,,,,,

anyways thats is gragghh im so silly and happy rn!!! this place is just gonna be when i talk about random stuff like this so i can keep my twitter and instagram art related <333


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