ending middle school!!!!x0

well i'm ending middle school very soon! the only thing that im worried about rn is that i still have 2 make up some science assignments but i can get those done quickly. But 4 P.E. i'm absent sometimes(a lot) sooo yeah i have 2 talk to my P.E. teacher about that.

But how do i feel about ending middle school? well sh1t. well 4 starters, middle school went by sooo fast. for me where i live i get 2 years if middle school (7th-8th). its funny about 9 years ago(i think) i was just starting kindergarten, now im going to be in high school. Honestly the only thing i will not miss about middle school is the harrasment. My school does not handle the bullying there! its sop frustrating!!!!! i just hope that the staff and teachers there at the highs school that im going 2 is going to handle teh bullying and the harrasment. 

Bt enough about that. i'm pretty okay about ending middle school soo yeah that's it. and that's it for my middle school years. But i am going 2 miss my math,science,history and english teacher.

that reminds me! i have 2 finish drawing somthing 4 my histoty and math teacher!!! ttyl!!!

- xXJoshxxDemonicXx

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