doodles i made for a sh*tpost :B

it was for the audio of Halo everynyan, how are you? fine sank you, from azumanga daioh, which imo still is pretty funny after all these years, still cant over the delivery of each line lmao

anyways it's just my ocs version of this, thought i would upload this since i dont have anything better, i think i need to start doing some new hobbies, like photography or smth but it feels really hard to get into :/ another hobby i had in mind was crocheting but i feel like the materials are too expesive for something that i may not possibly like :'( i tried journaling but i didnt really like that either, honestly i just wanna do my silly arts and my other not so silly arts, but i feel like i need something more, since my other hobbies consist of scrolling thru tiktok and reading manga

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