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dangeresque the roomisode triungulate!!

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so stwong bad was talking about this cool new game by videlectrix based off of dangeresq, called "Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate". this game is still being woreked on. please play it once it comes out and whishlist it on gas!

itchio page:

Join DANGERESQUE, the world's greatest private eye/crooked cop, as he puzzles his way through 3 bite-sized roomisodes in this classic-style point and click adventure.

Each room is a separate, standalone mini-adventure with its own puzzles to solve, inventory items to collect, and other characters to interact with.

  • ROOMISODE 1: Learn to fake-solve a cold case to prevent The Chief from sending you to jail! 
  • ROOMISODE 2: Team up with Renaldo to deal with car troubles at a seedy intersection!
  • ROOMISODE 3: Take a side-gig doing security consulting for Perducci! 

Sound mundane? No! Sounds munDANGERESQUE

What started as a Flash browser game back in 2008 has been remastered and expanded with all new graphics, animation, cutscenes, and FULL VOICE ACTING.

whish list it on steam!get it on stema!

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