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About me <3


Age:    14 and 1/4

Gender:   Ftm, Demiboy

SexualityPansexual and Demisexual

Status:   Taken 

Fandoms Im inUndertale, Fnaf, Cuphead, Hazbin Hotel, Helluva Boss, COD (Call of Duty), Creepypasta, Little Misfortune, Fran Bow, Sally Face and Minecraft

Fav ArtistsAtsuover, Jack Stauber, Lemon Demon, Will Wood and More!!!

Fav BandsICP (Insane clown Posse), Nothing More, Beatles, Queen, and System of a Down!

Fav SongsSmoke if Off (Lumi Athena), Rampage (Gizmo) and more!

Fav AnimalsCats, Capybaras, Slugs, Sharks, Owls and Toads!

Fav ColorsYellow. Purple, and Green!

Fav GamesUndertale, Deltarune, Fran Bow, and Sally Face!

Fav StylesGrunge, Alt, Gothic, ect.

                                           Questions I get asked!

  1. Are you a Vampire?:  NO

  2. Are you a Furry?:  NO

  3. Are you a Zoo?..:  N.O.

  4. Do you actually like your gf?:  Ofc!

  5. How is your dog? (zoo question):  I dont have one, and I'm scared of dogs.

  6. Do you like your dad?:  Not at all

  7. What's your Nationality?: Irish and Scottish. A little British and Viking :)

  8. Do you animate or commission?:  Sadly, no.

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