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Hello everyone. I would like to start off by saying that if you disagree with anything on my page feel free to disconnect and distance yourself from me and my blog. I am not here for discourse or heated discussions.

First off, I am part of a system so if I do not respond, please be patient. I am likely not ignoring you. I myself am a lesbian and my body is not biologically what I identify with. My body is also that of a minor. So if you are any form of transphobe, homophobe, or pedophile please leave my page and do not come back. While neither I myself nor my body are that of a minority, I do not tolerate those who discriminate against those who fall into said category and would prefer if racists also avoid my page.

If you are still reading, meaning you understand everything listed above as far as DNIs go, then feel free to send a friend request. I'm willing to play games or chat with you if you and I have the spare time. Have a good rest of your day

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