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I hate my body, I just wanna peel my skin off and eat it, speaking of, flesh is good. Whenever I get yelled at I scratch and bite myself. I just wanna be in somebody elses body for once instead of mine.

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Flesh is inhibiting, yes, but it's the ꙩnly thing keeping all yꙩur "yꙩu-ness" binded tꙩgether. If yꙩu didn't have any skin ꙩr muscle, all yꙩur thꙩughts, yꙩur memꙩries and experiences, wꙩuld just be little flꙩating strands ꙩf electricity, lꙩst tꙩ the atmꙩsphere in an instant. Be thankful fꙩr yꙩur flesh.

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