Hiiii!  So, I was thinking. I was rewatching DHMIS 4 for the millionth time. (No seriously, I've seen it so much I can probably repeat the dialouge from memory alone.) And I wonder....What happened to the original Colin the Computer puppet? Both reasons I have heard were from different wiki pages about DHMIS. Both addressing his CGI appearance in DHMIS 6. The first one states this is because his puppet is too short to fit the scene. The second one states that his original puppet was ruined after the "DON'T TOUCH MEEEE!!" scene. The second theory seems false. As later in DHMIS the puppet is show again, completely clean. So unless those scenes were somehow filmed beforehand and edited, that doesn't seem possible. I'm also talking about all this because frankly, I don't like his design in the DHMIS TV series. His eyes are smaller, he's slightly longer and while the voice is relatively the same, I just personally liked the original better. Overall, he is my favorite teacher. I like his character a lot and he interests me a lot!! Also I apologize for not posting much. I've been a bit busy!

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