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Wanna add music to your profile? I got you 💜 (Step by step directions)

Just learned how to put music on my profile 😩 Just wish I knew how to get it to play automatically lol So if you do, please let me know 🥺

Spotify Playlist 
I personally think it’s easier to do it on a tablet or laptop. So what I did, I made a quick play list on Spotify (or use one you have lol I’m new to Spotify 😅)

1. Click the on the 3 dots next to the green play button (that’s how it looks on my Ipad). 
2.Click where it says SHARE and then click where it’s says “EMBED PLAYLIST” 
3. Go to the bottom and click “COPY” 
4. Go back to your profile and go to “EDIT PROFILE” 
5. Add the link to which ever box you want the playlist to be on (I put mine on GENERAL) then save and it should be on your profile.

For Youtube it’s basically the same thing. I went on the website rather than the app .
1.Click on “SHARE” 
2. Cick on the first icon that’s says (EMBED)
3. Go to the bottom that says “COPY” 
4. Follow steps from 4 & 5 above ⬆️ 

For phones if you have an iPhone make sure to switch it to 
desktop. On top of the browser you’ll see AA and you click that , go down and click “Request Desktop Website” and it’ll give you the < > Embed link. Not sure how it works with androids. After it’s set to desktop, then you should be able to to the steps above for YouTube

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Great job as always

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