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The importance of communication

so ive been exploring this website a lot more recently since i started to use it. and i gotta say, its strange. ive mostly been just going through the most recent blog posts, and i dont really know if a lot of people know how to do a blog? maybe im just being hyperbolic or too critical but idk. a lot of them are good. some share landscape pictures of where they live, others just talk about their day, some are asking for suggestions or answers for something, and its all really nice. but there is one thing missing, communication. a lot of these blog posts dont have replys, no "kudos" no nothing. i think what weve got here is something really unique in todays modern world, maybe try indulging with some of your internet neighbors more? this community is still small, and i feel like were all here for similar reasons and we may share a lot of the same interests. We all yern for the myspace experience, so lets just be buddies and have some fun with it while we still can!


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