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;; Im not even on spacehey for a while and creeps have been friending me already, so please read this. I also block and report freely, and will not hesitate to harass you if you interact while being in this list!!!!!! i know sm people dont like these, but i have to set some boundaries... nd if ur just gonna ignore this ill block :P

BYF; im a minor,, im not comfortable with people over 20 interacting w me. Im also rlly awkward when talking to people and might not respond right away. I MAY sometimes make offensive jokes, i also swear a lot. pls dont block me for no reason, if i did something wrong alert me, i get paranoid if ppl i know block/ghost me out of the blue.

DNI; basic dni. Transphobes, homophobes, racists etc. proshippers, comshippers, lolicons , zoophiles, cult members (such as dice). and all that sorta stuff. I dont care what your excuse is I DO NOT want to be associated with these people as im extremely uncomfortable and will just straight up create arguments, leave me alone weirdos :3

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