Walk again, you get the point :P (pictures)

Yesterday I went again for a little walk, nothing special, but I made a few photos.

Aquilegia vulgaris

There are lots of them near the road.
A view of the Gaißau. The farms in the back are named Wörndl, my grandmother was born there
Untersberg in the distance
I followed this forest road until the summit.
Slimy moss
The Gaißau again, from a higher view
Eibleck (1518 m)
Snail on the way
Wiestalstausee and Schwarzerberg (1334 m)
Well, this is my "summit" for today (Sendlberg, 1026 m)
Petasites albus
Cephalanthera longifolia
I have no idea what this is, because there are extremely many very same-looking butterflies. But it seems they are all called "fritillary".
Orchis mascula

Aquilegia vulgaris, again...
An information board about the meadows and their flowers and insects...
The farm Flötz is one of the few you still see that look almost exactly like they did for hundreds of years... also notice the patterns on the wall
Well, well
The farm Sattel that is underneath sadly collapsed only a few years ago because of the many snow.
That was it, I'm going home ;)

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wowzers, really pretty landscapes and photos. wish i could visit a place like that some time.

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I know, it's really beautiful. If you live there like me, you often don't notice what a privileg that is :)

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