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i don't watch a lot of movies so i'm not sure but i love the atmospheres and aesthetic in old japanese movies. i watched lots of cartoons (anime aswell) as a child tho! my fav non anime are kung-fu panda (all 3 parts), minuscle and wall-e! anime: sk8; monster; your name; weathering with you; my neighbor totoro; whisper of a heart; the tale of princess kaguya; spirited away; kizumonogatari; devil man crybaby; asobi asobase; serial experiments lain; paranoia agent; perfect blue; boogiepop wa warawanai; ergo proxy; cowboy bebop; haibane renmei; texhnolyze; madoka magica; paprika; wonder egg priority; seins gate; koukaku kidoutai; parasyte; higurashi; another; moriarty the patriot; psycho pass; initial d; terroe in resonance; mononoke (non ghibli one); welcome to the nhk; ghost in the shell; elfen lied; made in abyss; chaos head; shiki; theatre of darkness: yamishibai; another world; ponyo

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